» AAC 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 22 of Aug 2013 at Hagar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Together with 42 participants representing 35 member organizations (the total AAC members are over 40 Social Enterprises, NGOs, Associations, Businesses etc.), we conducted our fourth Annual General Meeting successfully on August 22nd, 2013 at Hagar Meeting Hall, Phnom Penh Capital. The AGM was officiated by Mr. Awen DELAVAL, AAC Board Member and Co-Director of Samatoa and Mr. MEN Sinoeun, AAC Executive Director. The AGM began with the welcome speech addressed by AAC Executive Director, the message can be found in the booklet distributed at the AGM. The Representative of AAC Board Members,Mr. Awen, delivered an opening speech with his positive impression of being one of AAC members as well as AAC Board Members. “ I’m glad to congratulate all of you for your extraordinary work and generosity” said Mr. Awen.

Since 2004 to now, all of AAC members have continuously collaborated with AAC and overcome big challenges:

Members, staff and partners of AAC, all have not only created the biggest network of Artisans in Cambodia but everyone have also successfully developed a huge fair and transparent network building solidarity and sustainability between producers, management staff, partners and customers.Mr. Awen added that, “We definitively appreciate that AAC proves an excellent transparency and accountability as a model of organization for all the members.

The AGM was about:

(1)    the report on the progress achievements made by secretariat (both narrative/finance)

(2)    the presentation of a proposed five-year strategy for the AAC

(3)    the amendment AAC’s Constitution

(4)    holding election and proclaim the new Board Members


The below list is thelegitimacy of the five board members for three-year mandate 2013-15.







Ms. Norm Bunnak

VillageWorks Co., Ltd



Mr. AwenDelaval


Vice President



Fashion AFESIP



Ms. CheaSinat

Mekong Quilt Cambodia



Mr. Try Sophearac

Wathan Artisans’ Cambodia



Board Member Impression: On behalf of new Board Members, Ms. Norm Bunnak said that as the new board members “we will do our best to support AAC, but we need collaboration from all the members”.