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Grace Gecko is the trading name for Grace Gecko Vocational Centre for Women.


History & Philosophy

Grace Gecko is a development collaboration between two well respected non-government organisations in Siem Reap, Grace House Community Centre (est 2008) and the Green Gecko Project (est 2003).With an already established cooperative affiliation, Grace House and Green Gecko joined forces in 2012 to strengthen their efforts in assisting poverty alleviation in two of Cambodia’s poorest demographics – disadvantaged and marginalised women and their families.


The collaboration aims to offer opportunities to women to develop skills that will enable them to provide for their families. GRACE GECKO is adedicated vocational centre for women located on the grounds of Grace House Community Centre in Kor Kranh Village, Siem Reap. The primary objective is toteach women how to weave bags and household items from natural materials under fair trade conditions. After training the women are able to work full-time, earning a fair wage for their handicrafts. Literacy and numeracy classes are provided together with onsite child care,extending theirchildren’s learning and development.

GRACE GECKO’s postproduction goal is to market these handicrafts locallyand globally, enabling the women to establish a social enterprise and an independent and ongoing source of income.



Contact person: Say Sophors

Address: Grace House Community Centre, Tonle Sap St, Korkrahn Village, Siem Reap 

Phone:+855(0)636 392168

Website: www.gracehousecambodia.org