Khmer Women Handicraft Association (KWHA) was established in 1996. KWHA offers women with disabilities (from landmines or polio) a new skills base in handicrafts, tailoring, weaving and running a small business which will allow them to return to their communities and lead indpendent lives.

Palm leaf weaving was a skill handed down to Meas Savary, the founder of Khmer Women’s Handicraft Association (KWHA), by her grandmother. In a remote village in Takeo province, these skills have been passed on to over 120 local farming women. KWHA provides seed funding to the women to start working and builds networks within which they can sell their beautiful woven creations.

The leaves are collected sustainably from an abundance of lush palm trees filling the local landscape. They are then dried out in the sunshine and dyed bright colours by one family using huge metal basins. When the leaves are ready, and the villagers are not busy with rice harvesting or planting season, groups of women come together in a communal space next door to Meas Savary’s house to weave beautiful decorative boxes and fans.



Contact person: Ms. Chea Sinat - Manager

Address: Sre Tasok Village, Chum Reah Pen Commune, Sam Roang District, Takeo Province

Phone: (+855)12 659 813  or  (+855)12 383 876
Email: kwha_2006@yahoo.com