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The Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles is non-political and non-profit oriented. IKTT works in close collaboration with international aid agencies, and local and international NGOs. In addition, IKTT works with experts and scholars in the concerned area in other countries.

History & Philosophy

The Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles is a Cambodian organization as established in January 1996.

IKTT has three main objectives as follows:
1. To restore the devastated traditions and to save the excellent treasures of Cambodian textiles.
2. To preserve and continue a national heritage by encouraging the younger generations to follow the footsteps of the forefathers.
3. To activate a promising textile industry and to reorganize all related cottage industries such as silkworm raising and weaving.

While achieving these objectives, IKTT contributes to the accomplishment of two social goals. First, to raise people's awareness about their tradition and culture with a view to establish cultural identity and self-esteem. Second, to empower people both socially and economically with skills for income generation.
We hope that our mission would benefit, especially women and rural populations who are marginalized and under-privileged.


Contact person: Morimoto Kikuo 
Address: Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles, No. 472, Viheachen Village, Svaydongkum Commune, (Road to lake, near the crocodile farm) P.O. Box 9349, Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia.
Phone: +855(0)63 964 437 - 012 924 617
Website: http://iktt.esprit-libre.org/en/