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History of Pidan Khmer (Caring for Young Khmer)

As a branch of the Cambodian organization Caring for Young Khmer, Pidan Khmer is a social business located in Phnom Penh which promotes the hand-woven products made by children with the CYK association. It aims to support deprived children, their parents and their community in Cambodia.

Before Pidan Khmer was implemented, Caring for Young Refugees was established in 1980 to assist Cambodian refugee children in Thailand. The children were the source of our aspirations to be better members of the world community.  We learned to care and respect each other as we lived with them.

A division of Caring for Young Refugees, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) has been working in Cambodia since 1991 continuing to focus on development work where the spirit of self-help is essential, but  where children and women are much in need of support for their  well-being. CYK’s aim is to encourage people to live with integrity in harmony.

Happiness of Children Today Brings  Peace to the World Tomorrow

Our vision

A society where people, especially young children and women, can enjoy their well-being and live in harmony with integrity.


Our missions

CYK aims to promote healthy development of deprived young children, such as those who live under harsh environments from war, disaster, famine or poverty, and to support their parents and their community to be self-reliant in a humane environment.

Pidan Khmer promotes the hand-woven products of Caring for Young Khmer (CYK). The weaving skill training program was opened in the village where CYK support childcare centers in Kandal Province in 1993, and we have been operating weaving training program in Takeo Province since 2002.


Our Aims

It aims to provide traditional weaving skill training for village women to generate income to improve their standards of living in the society through acquired skills of weaving. It also aims to preserve and promote the skills of Khmer traditional weaving textiles including Pidan; traditional pictorial silk ikat.
All our products are eco-friendly 100% natural dyed. CYK supports continuous training and development of new combination of natural colors of their products.  Improvement of their weaving skills and preservation of traditional Cambodian textile , CYK support to expand the market to promote their hand woven, natural dyed products  for their qualified products
Currently the Weaving Training Center offers a three month Pidan course for advanced young village weavers and silk ikat weaving and natural dyeing course for village women.




#170, Preas Trasak Paem(63), Sankat Boeung Keng Kang I, Khan Chamkarmorn,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Fax/Phone: 855-23 210849
H/P: 855-16 880903
E-mail: sekiguchi@cyk.org.kh

- Pidan Khmer: http://pidankhmer.org/
Caring for Young Khmer: http://www.cyk.org.kh