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A.N.D. is a Cambodian fair trade brand, working with local artisans to blend design development with traditional skills.Although hand-weaving, wood carving, basket-making and many other local skills are still practiced in Cambodia, it can be rare to find artisans with a grasp of what is demanded by the international market.

History & Philosophy

Cambodia provides an invigorating and inspiring environment for a designer; and our well-trained and skillful producers, however disadvantaged, are invariably positive in their outlook: however, the local artisanal sector is under increasing threat from outside pressures.

Cambodia is now seen as one of the latest cheap-labour garment manufacturing zones, resulting in the mushrooming of many large factories, bussing in thousands of young male and female employees; and many young males are recruited to farm in the rainforest clearances towards the Northern border areas, on the vast quick-crop plantations of rubber and cassava. Thus the villages become gradually depleted of the next-generation producers, who might otherwise have followed the traditional occupations of their parents – weaving, carving, and the making of baskets. 

Thus it becomes ever more important to raise awareness of the great richness that we have in the artisanal sector in Cambodia, in the hopes of creating a firmer market for these unique and desirable products, so that the artisans may continue to work in their traditional areas, and to be adequately compensated for the very skilful work that they do, before it becomes too late.

A.N.D.’s two founders, from Cambodia and England respectively, draw on their backgrounds in artisanal skills, and in design. Fusing these together, they work with many local producers to create hand-generated ranges of fashion, fashion accessories and home decor; and hence the name of the brand, from the conjoining of the two words, artisan and designer – artisandesign.


Contact person: Alan Flux, General Manager
Address: #73, St. 240, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: 017 854 726 or 023 224 713
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/artisandesigners