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Khmer Golden Silk was established in Siem Reap Province in 2014. Its aim is to revive ancient Khmer textile tradition, especially silk weaving, as well as to provide fair income to artisans. Thus, by a fair share of profits, artisans can support themselves.

At Khmer Golden Silk, we believe that the quality of products is a better way to ensure income; we also think that it is essential to preserve the old Cambodian Textile Culture and know-how. This is why the artisans pay so much attention to their work and create such beautiful cotton and silk and their families.

Scarves and fabrics.


Miss. Morn Saroeuth
Adress: Teaksen Tboung Village, Sangkat Kokchok, Siem Reap

Phone: 017 440 925
Email: khmergoldensilk@gmail.com