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The objective of the association is to defend the fundamental children’s rights throughout the world. Considering that every human being can invest into this objective, our association is apolitical and non-denominational.
For a Child’s Smile mission is to intervene to the benefit of those children in the greatest distress by both direct and institutional action.

Today, more than 4000 children from PSE go to school and 1500 youngsters follow vocational training. PSE also provides programmes about different essentials topics such as hygiene, nutrition, medical and psychological care, protection and support to the families.

A second aspect of PSE activities is the social business handling the production of sewing products by the parents whom the children are welcomed in our centers and throughout a continuous training. Our workshop currently employs 25 women and mothers who benefit from a six months’ vocational training and learn a trade in order to improve their standards of living.

History & Philosophy

After discovering in 1995 the biggest garbage dump in Phom Penh where children work all day long in dreadful hygiene conditions, Christian and Marie-France Des Pallières, decided to create PSE. Starting by giving them proper food directly on dump site, they are now 6000 children enjoying food, health care, protection and education.

With full respect for the sovereignty of the countries where it intervenes, the Association tries to integrate its work with the action plans of the countries where it works and to develop its projects in close collaboration with the local Authorities whilst preserving its complete independence of action and control.


Contact person: Alice Jean Blanc 
Address: #402 group 12 village Trea, Stung Mean Chey, Phnom Penh, BP 2107, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia
Phone: 023 995 660
Email: pse@site-pse.org
Website: www.pse.ong
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/psecambodia/