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Lotus Silk is a Cambodian owned and run social enterprise with the goal of being a just inclusive, and sustainable fashion house. We create handmade clothing and accessories using ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics with a team of talented, in-store tailors.


They are committed to achieving a fashion and accessories label that is ethical environmentally sustainable, and that ultimately provides training and employment opportunities for women and men who face issues of inequality within their social environment.


They are committed to using upcycled fabrics, producing organically grouwn silk yarn and fabrics, all within ethical processes with minimal or no harm to the environment. 


History & Philosophy


The story of Lotus Silk began with founder and director Vannary, who through her working career, became very aware of the many issues within the Cambodian garment manufacturing industry.


As early as 2003, many handcraft stores in Cambodian, especially a woman. These stores focused mainly on simple fashion accessories such as scarves and purses. Seeing a gap within this market, Vannary set out to create a Cambodian fashion house, to create unique handcrafted clothing and accessories, to challenge the 'norm' of the Cambodian handicrafts industry, and provide both local and international markets with Cambodian inspired products. 


Vannary embarked on a mission to develop a workshop that would work towards an ethical industry through the empowerment of individuals, to create hand crafted items and a real Cambodian fashion brand that support sustainable pratices and local silk and cotton production programs around Phnom Penh.


In 2003 with 1 ewing machine and 1 tailor, this idea formed into Lotus Silk. Today, Lotus Silk employs 8 women, 2 men and works with 5 different communities from provinces around Phnom Penh to produce and weave silk and cotton yarn, and for processes such as fabric dyeing and jewelry production. 


Their vision is to create a Cambodian fashion brand with the finest quality high end and vintage style products in environmentally sustainable and ethical ways.

Their dream is to see Cambodia free of social inequality in all its forms and a return to sustainable and ethical fashion production. 



Address: Lotus Silk & Boutique #57, St. 240, Sangkat Chak Tomuk, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phone: +855 10 556 226
Email: vannarysan@gmail.comvannary@lotus-silk.com

Website: lotus-silk.com