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Colors of Life is a social enterprise supplying various types of silk fabrics from different Cambodian regions.They are supporting disabled people and disadvantaged women from the villages, so that they can become self-reliant.


History and Philosophy


The organization was created in 2004. 47% of Colors of Life's staff are disabled people. 80% of the whole staff and workers are women coming from disadvantaged groups, such as poor village people and artisans from remote provinces of Cambodia. For Colors of Life, a good start beginns with an adequat payment for every worker. A safe working environnement does matter to us, and every employee has the right to work in a decent place. The organization is creating fashion accessories, goods and ornaments combining contemporary fashions and traditional weaving techniques.



Contact person: Ms. Vibol SATH, Founder & General Manager
Address: House #6, St. 178, Chhey Chumneas, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: +855 12 900 007 or +855 23 992 086
Email: vibolsath@gmail.com, colvib2013@gmail.com