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Daughters of Cambodia helps sex workers to leave the sex industry and start a new life. The organization reaches girls and transgenders in red light areas with the chance to leave the industry voluntarily without supported by unsustainable handouts. The association offers them alternative jobs in one of their six businesses. 

History & Philosophy


Daughters of Cambodia started in 2007 by Ruth Elliott, a British psychologist working with young victims of sex-trafficking in Cambodia. Ruth observed that almost 100% of victims rescued by force in brothel-raids and placed in shelters returned to the sex industry upon re-integretion because causal factors were not being addressed. Despite a strong motivation to leave sex-work, they were forced back by cultural pressures to provide money for their families.

Based on her experience within the culture and context, Ruth created a new model for tackling sex slavery whereby victims are empowered to set themselves free. They were invited to exit sex-work voluntary through alternative employment, along with education and application of the life-style change within their own domestic and social lives, rather than from a shelter.

On average, they have empowered 100 girls and transgenders each year to leave the sex industry, since they started in 2007.


Contact person: Alicia Alexander 
Address: #321, Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: +855 89 910 203
Email: office@daughtersofcambodia.org
Website: daughtersofcambodia.org
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DaughtersofCambodia