» Rokhak (Women Handicraft)



Rokhak is the Cambodian word which means “plant”.
Rokhak is a social enterprise which founded by a Cambodian lady
who formed a group of women in late 2015.
Now there are 7 women are involved in this project.

By seeing the difficulties of the group of disadvantages women who have to stay at home taking care of a large
family, Rokhak wants to take a part in the social development of the community by giving those women jobs so
that they can generate some incomes to develop their livelihood.
Rokhak also deeply involved in environmental and cultural awareness by only promoting eco-friendly handmade
products made by Cambodian people.
Our products are completely ECO-FRIENDLY, HAND made and hand FINISHED.
Our team can weave nice baskets, shopping basket, laundry basket,
beach bag, handbag, carpet, and small solutions such as placemat,
coaters, tissue box and so on.
We also can follow the customized designs up on request.
Rokhak works only on request. Please be aware that as our products
are handmade they take time to produce. Products may take 1 – 8
weeks to be crafted based on the production schedule and the quantity

Please contact us for the order via:

Email: info@rokhak.com

Web: www.rokhak.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rokhakkhmer

Tel: (+855) 17 723 573/70 970 834