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Citipointe is an international NGO with a basement in Phnom Penh. It aims to offer professional perspectives to vulnerable children threatened by human trafficking. Citipointe Care and Aid can also figure out long term solution to victims of the sex industry, and beyond all, raises awareness on women's persecutions in Cambodia with the motto "SHE matters". 


History & Philosophy

The project began in 2006, when Ps Leigh, the founder, personnally experienced a tragical story when she saw a 10 year-old girl being sold by her own parents in Cambodia. Citipointe underlines that sex trafficking concerns over 27 millions people around the world and is often a matter that is not addressed.


Contact person:
 You Channy, Business Manager

Address: #191, St. 10 BT, Sangkat Boeung Tumpoun, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phone: (+855) 092 453 994/(+855) 085 283 335

Email: channy@sherescuehome.org

Website: www.sherescuehome.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sherescuehome