» Buying products

Whether you are an individual customer, small fair trade business or large multi-national company, AAC is committed to ensuring that you have access to the finest handmade Cambodian goods produced by our member organizations.

Placing a one-off order
If you are interested in placing a one-off order of products made by one of our member organizations, we would encourage you to contact them directly to arrange this. Please visit the Membership page for further information about our members and their products.

They will be able to confirm whether the items you are interested in are available, what the expected delivery date is and what method of payment you should use.
If you are having difficulty contacting any AAC member organization, please contact us.

Importing Cambodian goods
If you are a fair trade association or commercial business interested in importing Cambodian goods for sale in your own country, AAC is able to act as a ‘fair broker’ in your dealings with AAC member organizations, providing the following services to organizations looking to export Cambodian handmade goods:

Please contact us on (+855) 23 213 904 or email mailto: aac@online.com.kh to find out more about how we assist international importers in getting the products they want from Cambodian producer groups.