» AAC celebrates World Fair Trade Day

AGENT FOR PROSPERITY  - All AAC members are very pleased to gather on Saturday 6th May to celebrate world fair trade and to claim once again its core principles. Please come along and learn more about our artisans and what fair trade means for them. All the members will join hands and form human chains on St. 240, Phnom Penh to fight, inter alia, for decent working conditions and fair wages. 

AAC wants this gathering to be 
meaningful and wants to imply all its members, from the oldest organizations to the ones at their stammering debuts. Thus, it will provide conference on several themes around fair trade done by members with different visions: what is the fair trade movement, what does being a member of WFTO mean, the 10 Fair Trade principles and experiences of members on international trade fairs.

About the event, AAC’s director Mr Men Sinoeun said that Everybody is an agent for prosperity. This is a great opportunity to have people understand what fair trade is really about and what are the direct consequences for the artisans. We want to participate in a collective awareness of the necessity of fair trade and to promote the hard work of our members.”