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Kamonohashi Project aims to reduce poverty and to help prevent the risk of human trafficking and CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children) in Cambodia by producing handicrafts, enabling vulnerable people to be helped towards secure livelihoods.

History & Philosophy

Kamonohashi Project is a Japanese Non-Profit Organization created in 2002 in Japan, with the aim of reducing poverty in Cambodia by providing vocational training and job opportunities to needy Cambodian households in rural areas. It has been operating in Cambodia since 2004.
Kamonohashi Project has established the Community Factory Project business model in small villages, where young girls and women are learning handicraft manufacturing. Giving them the possibility to earn a stable income and so to help their families is a most effective way to reduce poverty, which is the root cause of the sexual exploitation risks that many children and young girls are still facing today in Cambodia.


Contact people: 

Mr. Thy Chamroeun (Japanese and English)
Phone: (855)-(0) 16 633 066

Ms. Miwako Ming (Japanese and English)
Phone: (855)-(0)88 855 4410

Office Phone: (855)-(0) 63 967 896

Address: House #T-46, Taphrom road, Tropaingseh, Kork Chok, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Emailsales@kamonohashi-project.net or miwako@kamonohashi-project.net
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kamonohashi.project/